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Testimonials on IRA Technical Consulting Services

Hi Denise,
Thank you again for your easy to understand solution to my SEP IRA problem! All is turning out just fine. YOU WERE INVALUABLE!!!

K.M. Fresno California


Last year I had a prospect that had an unusual question about a Roth conversion and re-characterization. I did not know the exact answer and I was in a time crunch.

I contacted Denise Appleby via email and she responded very quickly with the answer.

This saved me a lot of time researching the answer but more importantly Denise Appleby helped me gain a new client that eventually moved over half a million dollars in AUM and insurance products to our firm.

Denise Appleby is one of the premiere advisor resources in the IRA industry.

Steven G Johnson, Director Retirement Solutions Group, Inc.


Please see article by Natalie Choate Esq. Distributions and "Undistributions"



Thanks for your help! I was getting mixed signals from other “professionals” when I remembered to contact you. You have a way of explaining that is clear, concise, and easy for me to understand. I won’t forget where the REAL source of the facts are in the future!!

Thanks again,

Randy G

Monroe, LA


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