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Speaker, author, teacher, consultant: I teach/consult to financial, tax, and legal professionals about the tax laws that govern IRAs and employer plans

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You are the goalie of your team. True. But you will never score if you do not have the right support. I help advisors score winning goals with IRA-related transactions.

I help my clients prevent mistakes with IRA transactions- including errors that can happen with employer plan rollovers and Roth conversions.

The right time to make the right move with an IRA transaction is the first time. I can help you with that.

Let me help you:

  • Save your clients from unintended distributions, unintended Roth conversions, rollover mistakes, and mistakes with inherited retirement accounts.
  • Plan distribution strategies that take advantage of available  tax reduction benefits.
  • Determine distribution options for spouse, non-spouse, and non-designated beneficiaries. 
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