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Guide to Avoiding the Top 10 IRA Distribution Mistakes

  • 10 Aug 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Private event

Program Name: Appleby’s Guide to Avoiding the Top 10 IRA Distribution Mistakes


Distributions from retirement accounts is inevitable, and distributions can be taxable. However, the tax code includes provisions that can be taken to minimize income taxes that would be due on retirement account assets and avoid penalties. Being aware of these provisions is the first step to taking advantage of these tax benefits. Of course, understanding the steps that should be taken is equally as important.

Major Topics

  • What is an early distribution?
  • Rollover eligibility for distributions
  • How to determine when the required minimum distribution rules apply
  • Choosing the ‘right’ distribution option for a spouse beneficiary
  • Qualified Roth IRA distributions
  • Net unrealized appreciation and other considerations for distributions from employer plans
  • Required minimum distributions for account owners
  • Required minimum distributions for inherited accounts

Learning objectives

  • To learn how to identify early distributions.
  • To leaner how to determine the taxability of distributions.
  • To learn how to determine whether distributions can result in avoidable penalties.
  • To be able to understand the different penalty exceptions that apply to different types of retirement plans.
  • To understand how beneficiaries can avoid unintended tax consequences from unintentional distributions.
To learn how to identify opportunities for tax reduction strategies for distributions from employer-sponsored plans.

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