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Appleby Retirement Consulting Inc. provides technical consultation on the rules and regulations that govern Traditional  IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Defined Contribution plans including  401(k)s, and 403(b)s. Areas on which consultation is provided include explanations of the rules and regulations that govern the aforementioned accounts, and compliance requirements. This includes rules that apply to:   Contributions / Distributions (including In-service withdrawals, NUA, beneficiary distribution options and required minimum distributions) / Rollover and transfers / Transfers due to divorce and QDROs / Roth conversions, rollovers & recharacterizations (not including Roth Conversion analyses, but we can recommend someone)/ RMDs / Tax reporting requirements /Correcting mistakes

We can also help you to determine retirement (employer) plan suitability for small business owners, and reviewing plan documents to determine features and provisions. 

Please note: Our expertise does not include the funding and design of defined benefit plans and consulting on the rules that govern insurance products held in qualified plans.

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  • Email consultations
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  • A copy of our IRA Quick Reference booklet.
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  • Retirement News Updates (periodic Updates on topical issues)

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* Please note

·         IRA Technical consulting is limited to responding to technical questions about the rules and regulations that govern IRAs.

·         Work that falls out of the scope of technical consulting are subject to fees outside of IRA consulting retainership packages. These include working with financial institutions to correct distribution mistakes, editing content, writing articles, writing whitepapers, and providing customized or private training.

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