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The IRA Authority Newsletter

The IRA Authority is a quarterly newsletter for financial, tax and legal professionals who provide retirement products and services to their clients.


Available in PDF: No Hard Copy

What’s Different about The IRA Authority?

The IRA Authority provides explanations of the rules and regulations that govern IRAs. It also provides:

  • Legislative and regulatory updates
  • Featured questions from our target audience and answers
  • A calendar of upcoming deadlines, so that you can help your clients plan in advance, and
  • A discussion of topical issues

Written in language that everyone can understand, The IRA Authority is a must have tool for the professional who wants to effectively communicate with clients about what they can, cannot, should and should not do with their retirement accounts.


While the primary focus of the newsletter is IRAs, it invariably touches on other retirement accounts, as the IRA is ultimately the central receptacle for assets that are distributed from other retirement accounts.

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