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 White papers
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Technical consultation: IRAs, rollovers, RMDs etc.- Put Denise on retainer
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 Customized IRA Training

Choose our prepared IRA Foundations Training Program, or have us create a customized training program for your staff
Teleconferences/Webinars.IRA Fast Track to Technical Efficiency

These are informational and/or training sessions provided VIA teleconferences or Webinars. These usually last for 45 minutes to 1-hour.

Available for customization for your staff

Get a refresher on the technical rules that govern IRAs, and help your clients stay compliant and avoid costly mistakes with Appleby's IRA Fast Track to Technical Efficiency , just for you and your staff. Have us choose the topics, or you choose the topics. Contact us

Or, attend a webinar available to everyone ,

Inherited IRA/401(k) Transfer/Rollover Assistance for beneficiaries
Don’t end up with a taxable distribution of inherited IRAs/401(k)s, when you really wanted a nontaxable transaction.
Engage Denise before an unfixable mistake is made.
Mistakes made with inherited retirement accounts are often unfixable and costly.

Denise will hold your hand throughout the process, to help ensure that your desired objective is met.

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 IRA Fix-it

Some IRA mistakes can be fixed. Some cannot be fixed.
Denise will help to determine whether yours can be fixed.
If you found out that a mistake was made with your retirement account, contact Denise immediately.

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Coming in 2021-IRA Article database- Available for branding/customization/posting on websites/in newsletters    You can use these articles to:
  • Remind your clients of upcoming deadlines that apply to their IRAs,
  • Make your clients aware of issues that could affect their retirement accounts, and encourage potential clients to contact you.
The article database will consist of hundreds of articles, cheat sheets and other tools that advisors can use to educate themselves and their clients.


Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Calculation for IRA owners

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Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Calculation for Inherited/Beneficiary IRAs

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Net Income Attributable (NIA) for return of excess IRA contribution

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